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Additional Services

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"Sold a Story" Podcast


Join us via Zoom to discuss this hot topic brought to our attention via Emily Hanford. "Sold a Story" is worth EVERY MINUTE OF YOUR TIME! This 6 part series discusses how teaching children to read went wrong. It's an expose of how educators came to believe in curriculum that doesn't work and are now dealing with the consequences - chlldren who are poor readers."

Monday, Feb. 22, 2023 | 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. CST

via ZOOM


Course Fee: $10

Meet the Instructors!

Becky Glade has been a Special Education teacher for 30+ years, and has taught many children with dyslexia and other reading challenges. Starla Dixen is a passionate educator who has dedicated her work life to helping students learn how to become champion readers and spellers. Becky and Starla are both certified in the Orton-Gillingham method of teaching reading that incorporates phonics and fluency work. This method is a direct, explicit, sequential, systematic, multi-sensory research based intervention.

IEP/504 Advocate

Assist with IEP/504 process including:

  • Preparing for an IEP meeting

  • Attending the IEP meeting with the parent

  • Advocating for IEP modifications and accommodations.

Cost: $150 per session


Teach individual sections and class options. Topics include:

  • How to use OG in the classroom

  • Correct pronunciation of sounds and use of multi-sensory techniques for all students

  • Morphology

  • Creating a Dyslexia Friendly Classroom/Home

  • Other topics available upon request

Dyslexia Simulation

Participate in a simulation of what a person experiences with dyslexia. This is a large group event that utilizes 6 stations and takes approximately two hours to complete and discuss.

Cost: $100

Book Study & Podcasts

2/22/23  Podcast Discussion of "Sold a Story

6:30-8 pm via Zoom

Cost $10

Please listen to Sold a Story before this event. It can be found on Spotify, NPR, and Apple Podcasts

Parent Training

A series of classes for parents and caregivers that teach them about tools they can use to assist their child.

Session topics include:

  • Tools for Success

  • Multi-sensory Strategies

  • What is Orton-Gillingham?

Cost: $60

Small Group Sessions

Session topics may include an introduction to what dyslexia is and is not, information about the Science of  Reading, and other topics.

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